Street Zero’s vision is to once and for all end rough sleeping by 2022 in Newcastle. All of us have a moral
right to decent housing, yet right now some people in our city are homeless.

However we will not be able to resolve individuals complex physical and mental needs overnight.

We need to treat all people with dignity and humanity making sure everyone can be provided with at least a long-term safe and stable place to live.

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Does it need to be like this?

Homelessness is not a choice, it is the result of a build up of different pressures that can eventually affect anyone of us. We can so easily take for granted the strong support of family and friends, a home and a job. For anyone to cope with long-term health problems, broken relationships without this social network you can easily see that these accumulating pressures can eventually result in homelessness.

Once on the streets, the impact on your health and wellbeing can be devastating, you feel vulnerable and alone and too often this can result in deteriorating physical and mental health. The average life expectancy is only 47 years of age for someone sleeping on the streets.

Homelessness is not inevitable and together as a city, we can end it.

A joined-up response

The newly formed Newcastle Street Zero Board brings together key partners from across the city who have collectively developed a city-wide strategy. Over the next 4 years we will together continue delivering compassionate solutions that are needed to prevent homelessness in the first place and to end rough sleeping for good.

Our Approach

The Street Zero Board have developed a joint city wide 4 year strategy. Over time this is designed to achieve our ambition to end rough sleeping in Newcastle by 2022, primarily focusing around these three key areas.

1. Wherever possible we will prevent people from rough sleeping in the first place.

2. When someone is on the street, providing assertive outreach and rapid rehousing to offer a route off the street as quickly as possible, alongside support which helps people to rebuild their lives and stay off the streets.

3. Housing-led; offering suitable accommodation as part of integrated packages of support. A phased approach is being adopted; this allows opportunities to improve.

Rough Sleeping Helpline

0191 278 3899

If you see somebody sleeping rough

you can let the Council know by e-mailing [email protected] or call the helpline and they will take action to offer help and assistance.

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What’s happening here in Newcastle?

Street Zero seeks to promote fairness and compassion for all, and it is our ambition to eventually provide personalised support services to transform lives permanently away from the culture of rough sleeping.

Collectively we can achieve the Street Zero campaign objectives. The vulnerable themselves need it, the public and business in our city expect it, and I am committed, with your help, to coordinate it’s delivery.

Bob Eldridge MBE Street Zero Chair

How the campaign is going

Severe Weather Emergency Bed Space

Increased the number of beds available, in addition to the existing hostel  accommodation across the City of over 700 places, however some rough sleepers are still declining this support.

Specialist Appointments

We have recently recruited a Street Zero case management coordinator tasked to tailor support around individuals housing needs.Complimented with a dedicated G.P.for rough sleepers and hostel tenants healthcare in the West End area.

Commissioned Research to Improve Response

Street Zero now has evidence directly from Rough Sleepers themselves. This provides targeted operational priorities for the our Action Planning.

Housing First for the homeless

Street Zero has secured the first batch of houses, which forms the basis of a Newcastle trial to accommodate the homeless, rather than offering a hostel placement which is often rejected, because like you we want our own home.