Our Approach

The Street Zero Partnership is a unique way of working. Newcastle has been recognised nationally as an exemplar of partnership working. The city has already reduced rough sleeping by 89% in 2020 and is committed to ending rough sleeping for good by 2022.

Together we can
make a difference

We have brought together experts from the full spectrum of support services across the city to collaborate and effectively help those sleeping rough.

Independent research and information unit, the House of Commons Library, identified some of the root causes of why people find themselves sleeping rough in its 2019 briefing paper. These can include an unstable family environment, relationship breakdowns, job loss, violence, health difficulties, mental health, low self-esteem, debt, and many other traumatic experiences that can affect anyone at any stage of their life.

Joined-up response

By spending time with people rough sleeping on a daily basis, the Street Zero partner organisations working independently across Newcastle have gained an understanding of the complex issues they face.

We join up all of the resources, share information, and plan proactive interventions as opposed to reactionary ad hoc responses to help those who find themselves sleeping on the streets.

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City-wide approach

Newcastle currently has 779 hostel places providing temporary accommodation to the most vulnerable in the city.

Our future ‘move on’ plan is to accelerate those currently living in temporary accommodation into a home they can call their own.

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