Success Stories

Street Zero partners’ frontline team work on a daily basis with those rough sleeping. They know it is often the little things that make a huge difference.

In response to the COVID-19 lockdown, Street Zero redistributed £57,000 of its Emergency Fund, donated to by the public, businesses, and bolstered by Fenwick, to partners Changing Lives, Tyne Housing, and Home Group. Watch how eight different projects helped the most vulnerable people in the city.

Daniel has recently moved into his own home after a period of living on the street and leaving prison. Being very young, he has no experience of paying bills. He has asked for help with his gas and electric as a ‘safety net’ in case he struggles to budget. He has also been getting involved in the fantastic Crisis and Prince’s Trust projects where he is building a new social support network and finding the confidence to sustain his new home and healthy lifestyle, however being able to travel there is difficult. Street Zero helped Daniel pay for his utility bills and for a bus pass.

Claire has been sleeping rough for many years and recently her partner of 10 years passed away. She moved into private rented accommodation, away from the streets, but it has taken a long time to settle due to the many barriers faced along with a history of rough sleeping. Due to benefit delays, Claire had issues getting her first month’s rent paid to the landlord. This jeopardised her tenancy and relationship with the landlord. We asked for Street Zero to help and funded the first month’s rent, which secured the tenancy and helped prevent an eviction.

After a long period of rough sleeping, James has recently moved into a house. He is enjoying it and doing really well, but struggles with occupying his mind at this stage in his recovery. He does recognise this as a factor in perpetuating his substance misuse issues. After he mentioned that a television would really help and prevent him from spending time with his old associates as a means of occupying himself, Street Zero were able to help provide one.